About Me

Hello there!

I’m Rebecca, 23 years old. I have a beautiful son and his name is Reuben. I am a very single pringle… for now. That could change. So watch this space! I am also a Open University student obtaining my degree in psychology.

I have had therapy three times – whilst in high school, in 2015, and in 2018. I have C-PTSD, depression and anxiety. I tend to think the depression and anxiety walks hand in hand with the C-PTSD though, as it’s part of the PTSD symptoms.

I decided after my therapy in 2015 that I wanted to become a counsellor/therapist and so the following year, when I was absolutely sure, I enrolled with the OU. I am still in recovery but I am so far from where I used to be mentally that I thought I could potentially help others with things I’ve learnt on my journey.

I wanted to be a mother so badly since I was 15 and dreaming of becoming a mummy kept me fighting through my darkest days. It motivated me to try and reach a level of stability that I felt was required for motherhood. I feel pregnant when I was going through very dark days, he wasn’t planned, but he was wanted. I couldn’t have asked for a better blessing.

I have three tattoos. My favourite is my lotus flower tattoo which you can see in most pictures of me. I’d like at least one more!

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With love, Rebecca xo

updated 20/01/2019.