Getting it done.

You know what the highlight of today was? I felt really exhausted this morning – the coffee didn’t even touch the sides. So, I decided to nap with Reuben and I was so glad I did. We slept from around half 10 until 1pm!!! It felt like such a glorious luxury and because I felt much better, I found it so much easier to get on with things.

Including putting Reu into the ergobaby carrier after lunch so I could get on with the housework. I’ve also (finally) put another layer of paint on the chest of drawers. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but literally months ago I started an upcycle project. No matter! I have finally put on the final coat of paint (I think!).

I used to packing skills too today. I have a Christmas plate and cup set but now it’s wrapped up in it’s own box, ready for the move. I just can’t imagine I’ll be here another year – surely not! Either way, my head is back in the game when it comes to decluttering and packing up what I can for the move. I’m thinking of sticking things I still need in plastic storage boxes and then they’re already packed up – as long as I keep it organised. I have a few boxes I’ve cut down and put in a storage cupboard too, that will help when the time comes. I can literally put everything in my bathroom into one very easily. If you have any moving tips that might not have thought of, please feel free to let me know? 🙂

But for now, I’m focusing on making Reuben’s room fit for purpose. It’s funny. Most people get onto this when they’re pregnant. Not me. I knew Reuben would be in my room for the first year at the very least, so I didn’t make it into the ‘nursery’. Maybe I should have done. I’m finding the transition tricky but I’m going to be patient. Reuben will fall asleep in his own room but he won’t stay in there if he wakes up during the night. For some reason, I think the welsh dresser that’s been stored in there is the problem. Feels like bad feng shui or something? Looks like I’m just going to have to move it back into the living room and have another move around in my room too.

This is mid-sort-out. Don’t worry!

I know I’ve just been babbling on. I don’t know if any of this is interesting to anyone but I love blogging this kind of stuff. It’s nice. I want to perhaps blog every day, about my day, my mental health, my parenting journey… this is my place to be authentic.

Anyway, here’s a cute picture from this morning after breakfast. Little man still has all sorts of little ailments going on but he’s much better!

With love, Rebecca ♡


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